Thursday, January 26, 2012

Questionnaire Fun.

Hot mama, Ashley, tagged me to do this questionnaire. Here we go..

Here are 11 fun facts about myself
1. I laugh at the most inappropriate times.
2. When Im doing zumba- I like to think Im apart of the Pussy Cat Dolls
3. I love handbags......
4. I've got to do the booty shake before I buy clothes!
5. I love everything that sparkles and shines
6. I secretly want my nose pierced...
7. But, Im too chicken to do number 6.
8. I own my own biiiiz.
9. If I hate a movie I'm in... I sneak into another.
10. I've never gone to school or worked on my birthday. 
11.  I drink a glass, sometimes a bottle of wine daily.

Ashley's Questions:
1. Your worst fear - Sharks
2. Do you have any awkward talents- I can make this weird noise with my mouth/hand
  3. Favorite Accessory - anything burberry
4. Dogs or Cats- DOGS
5. Do you drive like a race car driver or a Grandpa- Race Car 
6. Dream job- missionary
  7. What do you order at Chipotle- Never been! 
 8. Favorite Ice Cream- anything chocolate
 9. Favorite trashy TV Show- Bad Girls Club
10. Vanilla or Chocolate- Team Chocolate
 11. All time favorite Movie- AHHH SOO HARD! PS I Love you 

For my girls:
1. Who's your favorite hollywood crush?
2. Mountains or beach?
3. Most embarrassing moment?
4. Favorite Holiday?
5. Do you sleep on the left or right side of the bed?
6. Favorite breakfast food?
7.  Pumps or flats?
8. Where in the world do you want to visit?
9. Number 1 on your bucket list?
10. candles or plug ins?

1. Amanda 2.Rachel 3.Hannah 4.Bethany 5.Bree 6.Amanda 7.Thu 8.Sandra 9.Barbie 10.Akanksha 11.Megan
The Rules
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them.


  1. cute blog! and thanks for your sweet comment! i'm your newest follower! follow back!

  2. Awww Thanks!!! Im so happy you playd along. The Booty shake makes me laugh bc everytime I try pants on I have to inspect my behind...I think its a girl thing. You ROCK!!!

  3. Loved learning more about you! Love Burberry, so classic!

  4. loe the answers, i use to drink a glass of wine daily as well (before i got pregnant) can't wait to enjoy that again ;-)

  5. AHHH!! I love you for this!! :))))

  6. The booty shake before a purchase is a MUST. :) lol

  7. nice knowing more about you- I once got my nose pierced- but then after a while it got "old" - and now no one would even know it had been pierced.

  8. Very cute! I love your facts, they were so fun to read!
    I will post mine shortly! Thank you for tagging me! =)

    The Urban Umbrella

  9. Haha Love it! I laugh at the most inappropriate times too- usually it's in a theater when there's dead silence!

  10. Great answers! I secretly want my nose pierce too!

  11. So your parents never made you go to school on your bday? That's actually kind of cool. My parents would have never gone for that. Loved getting to know you better.

  12. lol how funny
    i didn't know you did zumba
    or wanted to get your nose pierced!
    you should totally do it! :)
    and we would be great zumba partners
    .. but we would be cracking up the whole
    freaking time ! hahaha

    Melina ♥

  13. I love reading these random facts! I never go to work on my birthday either....that is no way to spend a birthday, in my opinion!

  14. Great post!!!
    I like reading this type of post.

  15. I love these, great answers!! Thank you very kindly for the sweet comment doll, was sunshine on a very gray day here!! Love ya too :))) xo

  16. Love this! Excited you tagged me, I'll get to work on it tonight! :)

  17. Fun to learn something new and exciting about a fellow blogger! hope you are well!


  18. These earrings are so beautiful! I'd wear them all the time! Newest follower :)

  19. i may or may not be with you on the wine thing...
    ....eeeeeek. lol

  20. Is the mouth hand noise where you say "girl girl girl">?? haha

  21. Love these questionnaires. You learn so much about people! I have always wanted to sneak into another movie...but never had the guts! :)

  22. Super funny Summer! I sneak into another movie too. LOL

  23. so fun to find out about you! you make me laugh. i love your booty shaking zumba loving self!!!

  24. i do the same thing, i laugh when i'm not supposed to! lol

  25. #11 is me all the way. And you have never had Chipotle?!? I am obsessed with their Carnita bowl and eat it at least once a week!

    XO Lourdes

  26. How cool that you've never been to school or work on your birthday! Is it on a public holiday? :)

  27. bahahah your zumba comment - priceless.

  28. I love this Summer....of course I knew the answers BUT it is so funny reading the comments that others leave!
    Love your Biggest Fan:)