Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Work It Out Wednesdays

Okay, so yesterday was a day from you know where. I dropped my car off to get serviced and when I got back to pick it up it wouldn't crank, uhhh HELLO? When I left it, it was running wonderfully- now not so much. I had to get the battery replaced! Which isn't so bad I just wasn't in the mood! Whatevs, On top of a not so great day at work, I felt as if I was coming down with a cold... Nothing a little nyquil can't fix.

SOOOO this morning I'm feeling GOOD! 

Yippee!! I have decided Im going to get my ZUMBA CERTIFICATION! Ekk! Im super duper excited. I have to look at when the next available instructor training will be, but I'm stoked! I spoke with several of the ladies that are in my classes and my instructors and they were all like OMG, You'll do great! I'll keep you posted! 

This week was fairly easy with staying on track! I "messed" up one day and ate at about 8:15pm which I HATE to do, but ehh a girls gotta eat!

I love to run to this! 

September 14: Weigh-In- 128.4
Total weight loss- 2.6 lbs. 

Now, go on witcha bad self and work it out!


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  1. Hey!! Way to get fit and work out, I'm trying to do the same, hehe! I run (*cough* dance *cough*) to Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift! Yaaaay! All my roommate are already sick 3 weeks into school so I'm really worried about catching their sniffles. Eeek.

  2. Omg sucha great song to run to ;) lol! Anything with Pitbull makes me mooooooove haha. By the way, the leopard sweater you commented on is from .. I immediately fell in love with it too!


  3. congratulations love!

    i always take the Zumba classes on
    Thursdays .. i have so much fun with
    my friends you totally forget your working out.

    Good luck with getting certified ..
    you'll do great


  4. Congrats! I love zumba too! I want to start it again!