Friday, October 7, 2011


Since I'm on vacay I've lined up a few surprises... Jillian is taking over for me today, and this is a MUST READ! It put me in an awesome mood just from reading it. Thanks again Jillian!

XO, Summer-Raye

Hi there, Famous readers! I’m Jillian from coffee, light and sweet and I’m super psyched to be guest posting, while Summer’s out on vacation. Today I wanted to share a fun and frothy list on beating those bad mood blues. Because we all have our days when nothing seems to be going our way.  But sometimes a small dose of happy is all it takes to perk you back up. And I’m a big believer in finding pleasure in the little things.

Bad Mood Busters For Every Personality Type:

For the sweet-toothed ladies
While I don’t promote “eating your feelings”, there’s really nothing like the scent of home-baked cookies fresh from the oven wafting through the kitchen.  It’s a wonderfully uplifting and comforting scent that arouses “ooohs” and “aahhs” from just about anyone with a nose. Find a classic recipe here. Or go break and bake!

For animal lovers who like to go “aaaaw!” and “hahahaaa!”
Go on Youtube and search “cats playing patty-cake” or “tilting head pug”. I dare you not to smile.

For the music-junkie
Compile a “happy” playlist. That is, add songs to your list that make you want to dance, bring you back to your first slow dance at the junior prom, make you feel  like you’re in the shower singing into your shampoo bottle or just plain ol’ make you feel good about being you. My go-to songs are Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Santeria by Sublime, anything by Stone Temple Pilots and  What is Love by Haddaway (I heart the 90s, as you can tell!).

For the girl who just needs to “get away”
Escape to a beautiful sunset. Because sometimes, all it takes is to realize that things aren’t always going to be that bad is to appreciate something naturally beautiful and breathtaking. Sunsets are a constant reminder that a new day is patiently waiting to arrive. 

For the clean freak
Freshly-washed sheets. There are few things more appealing and more mind-clearing to the clean freak than being engulfed in a warm, clean blanket and new sheets made atop a bed. Perfection.

For anyone
Ride a bike. Exercise is big contributor in releasing those feel-good endorphins. But what really makes it for me is the carefree aspect of bike-riding—cool wind in your face and the ease of speed in which you ride. The best and most gratifying feeling is conquering a challenging hill and riding back down it without having to pedal. Best feeling ever.

So what do you do when you're down in the doldrums? Any neat tips you'd like to share?
Thanks so much for having me, Summer!


  1. wow what a great post! I love the biscuits, its a great comfort food :) hehe


  2. Great post!! I know that when I'm down I tend to stay home and dwell in my unhappiness. Instead, I always feel better when I call up a friend and get out of the house. Even a simple walk around the neighborhood with coffee in hand is better than staying home and stewing in your sadness. Happy Friday!

  3. great post, so comforting ;-)

  4. This is an awesome list! I will def. keep these in mind next time I am in a bad mood.

  5. ha, this was just perfect girl! i loved that you compiled a list for everyone! too perfect! might need to implement these into my life!
    xo TJ

  6. awesome list girl!

    :) i listen to music or go out for a walk
    it helps me out so much

    fly with me ♥

  7. SUCH amazing snapshots...I want to eat those COOKIES!!!


  8. i tend to do all of this - going for a walk at sunset, taking my frustrations out on dirt (bleach is seriously therapeutic), dancing around to some sugary sweet happy jams.....anything that works! great guest post!

  9. Hi hun, thanks for your comment, I am already following your awesome blog. I love the idea of a guest blogger and this is an awesome post... makes me wanna go eat cookies and escape by myself =)

  10. Ah, thanks everyone! Glad you liked the list :)

  11. Great post +followed :)

  12. Great post +Followed :)

  13. Lovely post, music is always so uplifting to me and also...cookies ;-)

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  14. I love this list! I'm def going to keep this in mind next time I'm feelin blue :P lol! Great post :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend <3


  15. Hi, amazing post, and really great blog :)
    What do you think, of following each other ?


  16. Cute blog hun, and u're so sweet!!:)
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  17. hi jillian! loving your tips here! i especially love the cookie baking, the clean sheets, the bike-riding and that animal photo DID make me smile!
    xoxo ~ kristina

  18. i <3 that bike and the picture!
    thanks for stopping by my blog*