Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blogging Tips & Birthday

Please tell me that I'm not the only person who feels this way...

1. Do you ever read a blog and think that it's complete shhhh?
- HELLO: NO ONE BELIEVES YOU PARTY WITH JLO every weekend- Post Pics? 

2. I love Mommy blogs, I do REALLY, I think ahh I can't wait, BUT I swear just about every Momma blog is filled with licorice and unicorns??? I want to know the dirty  and not so pretty stuff... I mean parenthood isn't always pretty. Besides thats usually the funny stuff.

3. Just because you wear mismatched clothes and don't brush your hair DOES NOT mean youre fashionable...LAWWWWD!

4. Dont post as "anonymous" - I wear big girl panties, and if you have something negative to say- id love to hear it FROM YOU not Ms. Anonymous. This isn't a Bobby Valentino song. 

and lastly...

5. I read the most REDONK post about how you shouldn't blog about YOURSELF on YOUR blog??? Uhmmmm.... *insert cricket noise here* Then what do you blog about? 


I've been blogging for a short 4 months, but I feel like I  have learned a little something! Do you have anything you'd like to add to the list? PLEASE ID LOVE TO HEAR IT! 



  1. couldnt agree more with you! especially the first topic! ant the anonymous people out there who always criticize are just cowards to scared to show their faces!
    i also dont understand the point of wishlists - it's not like another blogger is gonna give you any of the itens you've picked!
    and do people really think that bloggers read those extremely long posts?? summarizing is an art that many bloggers should learn! like me, in this comment! lol
    i'm a follower!
    have a great new year's eve!

  2. Hello there sweetie! Good points on your post!
    Great pic :D
    Happy holidays dear!
    Hope to hear again from you!

    Hope you're having a great day!

    My cooking blog, support me:

    xoxo Kiki

  3. lols you're so right!!:)
    hate anonymous posts! and people bragging!
    and i agree with Camille above, i'd like a post to be as small as precise as possible! xx

  4. Sometimes I think yes. luckily there are many more good people than bad in the blogosphere

  5. hahaha.. funny post..
    yes I'd like to add one thng... ' pls dun come on our blogs and post about your blog' you have to comment/ take a 'look' at our blog and then say smthng..
    I found one user.. she said.. I like ur hat.. wen I wasn't even wearing one!! I dun even have a hat :P
    Nice post btw :D

    New post~ Welcome 2012!

  6. great blog!!! following you now...
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  7. oh I forgot.. Happy Birthday to ur baby :D
    he looks cute..

  8. HA thats great!! I couldnt agree more with all of those. Happy Birthday to your baby

  9. LOL great post!!! and i agree "party with jlo" lol!!!!!

    your doggy looks adorable, happy birthday ;-)

  10. Um, what?! If I didn't chit chat about myself, my blog would be non-existant!! HA!


  11. Shouldnt blog about yourself??? Excuse me... WHAT? I thought that's what a blog is for?! People are crazy :)

  12. haha.. i couldn't agree more. Some blogs just seem so fake, and the whole point of blogging and wanting to know the person behind the blog is lost.
    Happy birthday to your baby! He looks so cute!

  13. You crack me up woman! I heart you :) Happy birfday to your snugglebunny!

  14. Hahaha I agree completely. Happpyy Birsday to da baby!! xo

  15. Aw Happy Birthday sweet little pup! :) Ha ha...the last thing on the list made me laugh!

  16. Haha this post is so funny! Happy Birthday to your puppy too! I'll definitely have some not so unicorn & lioricey mommy stuff to come

  17. Hahahaha I think a lot people should read this! Thank you so much for stopping by! I would love to follow each other :), I hope you have a great day! aaaaand HBD to the little boy, so cute!


  18. Omg!!! You are too funny! The fashion blogger comment was hilarious!!

  19. Happy Birthday to your pup! =) I laughed out loud at the comment about the "Fashion" Blogger, haha! Mismatched clothes are totally fashionable... ;-)

  20. Love number 4 :D Its so cowardly to post a comment anonymously when saying something rude and negative.
    Aw too cute Happy Birthday to your gorgeous dog.
    Thanks so much for your comment,wishing you all the best for 2012

  21. LOL - true, true, and very true. Maybe tomorrow I will post an entry on my date with Robert Pattison ;) KIDDING!

  22. anonymous comments drive me insane! I mean grow a pair right?! Oh and I totally party with JLo every weekend. We are just having so much fun together that we forget to take photos :)

  23. hey what a blog

    dont forget to see this too

  24. haha you seriously cracked me up
    because i agree in every single point
    you had here .. HIGH FIVE GIRLFRIEND!

    mommy blogs seriously make
    parenthood look like PERFECTION
    but i also have some moms i follow
    they will tell you the naked truth :)

    i never got an anonymous comment
    i think it would bother me a lot..
    people need to grow up and get a life!

    thank you for sharing doll
    and happy birthday to your doggy ♥

    Melina ♥

  25. You are so funny and agree on a lot of this.
    If you read my blog and check out the 'other mommy bloggers' section on the right side of my blog you will find mommy bloggers who do write about the funny stuff. No unicorns. :)

  26. I LOVE this post. Everything that you said is soooo true. Some blogs do leave me scracthing my heads. :)

    and happy birthday to your puppy!!

  27. Happy Birthday to your puppy!

    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    Happy Holidays!

  28. Happy birthday to your puppy! I hate when people leave comments as anonymous! D:

  29. Happy Birthday to your dog!

  30. Or don't you just hate it when bloggers post photos on their 'fashion' blogs of them just pouting so you can only just see their face?! This annoys me ha!!

    Love your blog girl.

    Luc X

  31. Catty comments are completey unnecessary!! Happy birthday to the pup!! Love the picture!

  32. everything you said is so true! ;)

  33. Nice post and so true!!! of course I will follow!! follow back ?

  34. I hate anonymous comments!! They tick me off SOSOSOSOSO bad.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  35. Man I love this's so true and ur really funny. I'm seriously enjoying your blog...and happy "birfday" to the pup as well.hahaha

    Piksty :-)

  36. Awwwww!

    Happy Birthday <3

    girl you crack me up :D


  37. hahahahahahahaha I love it. Espesh the mommy blogs talking about unicorns..
    Psh. Please- come live in my house for a day and i'll show you some unicorns...ha.
    P.S. I JUST got your email (actually- I've been at work most of the day...) and will get in touch with you tomorrow about your question! Have a good night!

  38. happy birthday! (:

  39. Happy Birthday to you! I love your blog, it's so colourful and quirky! Would you like to follow each other?
    xo Maria

  40. hahaha.. loved d points..especially the 3rd one :D

    PS- following u now.. WOuld be glad if you visit my blog and follow me back.
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  41. Haahahaaaa...I loved this post, made me feel like I was back home in the states!! I agree with it all really!! I am a mommy, but haven't posted about that kind of thing because my blog is my escape from all that to be - just me :)) I love my children, but one needs a boost to regenerate themselves really, they can be like vamps and suck the blood right out of you, hahahaha!! But, they are my angels and most precious to me :))))) A Big Happy Birfday too, so precious!! xoxoxo

  42. yeah, i really don't understand why you wouldn't blog about yourself on your own

    you can get involved in blogger meetups simply by making a post that you want to meet some bloggers in your area. or you can join a group like Full Time Fabulous or Fashion Beauty Friend Friday and email the members to see who lives in your area and wants to hang out.

    great post! thanks for following me.

  43. be your posts, in your comments, in your connections. i hate it when girls are about the NUMBERS and being fake.
    and complaining! i dislike blogs that use their platform to have nothing but negative posts. life sucks sometimes but does every single post/tweet have to be about that?

  44. LOL!!! Great post!!! And Happy Birthday to your dog!! xoxo

  45. This post is so funny and so true at the same time and I love it! Happy Birthday to your puppy!

  46. no freakin way, someone said something along the lines of partying with j.lo? that is complete pssshh, unless of course they have proof otherwise, haha. ;)

    i guess the biggest blogging philosophies i live by are: be kind, blog about what you want to talk about (while being considerate, of course), take breaks when you need to, and just enjoy the process of learning from other bloggers. :)

    happy new year! :D

    <3, Mimi

  47. happy new year excellent blog keep walking!

  48. I definitely agree with you on those blogging tips.

  49. This was fun to read seeing what everyone else had to say was cute.

    P.s. I agree wearing mismatch clothes and uncomb hair does not make you fashionable.

    Happy New Year Doll.

  50. I just want to wish you happy new year!Much love;):)

  51. Love this post. Mine would be to turn off the music or give people an option to turn it off. Sometime I get the crap scared out of me when the room is quiet.

    Happy new year to you!


  52. Lovvvvve your blog!! Follow me?(:

  53. absolutely hilarious!! I LOVE your tips!! laaaawd...number 2& 3 are faves! And happy birthday to your pup!

    Tweet Me!

  54. Haha I laugh a lot while reading this post you're so right!!
    Thank you for stopping by on my blog I wish you a happy new year dear :)

  55. Ha thats a great post girl! I couldn't agree more! Lets do a post where we get DOWN to the NITTY GRITTY, dirty details of being Mamas! :)


  56. You are too funny. I love this post!

    Thank-you for stopping by my blog!

  57. Summer, I changed my blog address and wanted you to know the NEW one. :D

  58. I think you should blog about whatever makes you happy, and be honest about it. those are the most fun to read. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    p.s. I also have an obsession with posting photos of my adorable pets so you have won me over!!!


  59. Happy new year love the last picture!!

  60. I agree there are a WHOLE LOTTA "fashionistas" out I like my blog to be a place to let out all the random madness swirling around in my head. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's eh but hey that's life right.

    Following could I not after all that Follow back?

    ♥ Shia

  61. Great tips, totally agree there are a lot of fashionistas - I feel what makes a good blog is how relatable those "fashionistas" are. I like to read about people that I feel are kind hearted and live very full lives and thats what I try to give in my blog - it is what I really love about your blog!

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog by the way, I would love if we would follow each-other! So you now have a new follower! =)

    The Urban Umbrella

  62. I've never heard about the "bloggers shouldnt post about themselves" thingy.. WTF! I agree with you, thats just bogus!

  63. Haha...loved this post. One of my favorite posts I've come across in my short blog life! So true... so many fashionistas out there! Love your blog lady!

  64. Lol, those are sooo true... I cant agree more with the "mis-matching" and not brushing your hair being fashionable.. I like honest people;))

  65. I agree.
    I'm all for a little hippie-esque hair and clothes..
    but being SLOPPY ain't hot.


  66. I'm totally with you ... especially the mommy blogs. I'm gettin the itch to procreate myself, and I wanna know THA REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD. I'm sick of how cute people's kids are all the time .... and I'm totally on board with that thing about you don't blog about yourself on your own blog. Glad I wasn't the only one who was like, "Uhhh, I truly don't know what this means or what I should write about then." :D